Real Madrid – Sporting Lisbon bets and Picks. Champions League betting, September 14,2016

Real Madrid – Sporting Lisbon bets and Picks. Champions League betting, September 14,2016
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In this Review will talk about Real Madrid – Sporting Lisbon bets and Picks.

Real Madrid has won 17 of the last 19 matches in the Champions League group stage. And 9 of the last 10 – dry. After the arrival of cream three times Zidane played at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League – all beat dry (2:0 Roma, 3:0 Wolfsburg, 1:0 Manchester City). This trend. Thus, in 9 of the last 10 home matches in the Champions League Madrid retained the integrity of the gate. Was passed only from the German Schalke, but could understand – a guest appointment won 0:2, and that’s relaxed.

In general, after the arrival of Zidane cream were surprisingly defensive quality. The era of flag-football has sunk into oblivion, Real Madrid tries not only brilliantly to attack, but to preserve and organization of protective orders. Again, the dry statistics – when Zidane Madrid played to zero in 8 out of 15 home games. This is more than half.

It is interesting that in the new season creamy passed in both matches at the Bernabeu. For me, it’s shaped the bad luck, which does not mean that the team is poorly defended. Judge for yourself. First round – defeated 0:3 Sociedad, not allowing cause any impact to the target of the gate (ideal defense). Second round – defeated Celta 2:1, missed long-range strike (fool scored), but generally defended well. Third round – Osasuna missed on only when led 5:0 (the match against Sporting, this situation is unlikely), and have not been allowed to hit the target gate.

Summary: Real Madrid are still well protected, homemade croutons brewing. I think the Champions League atmosphere will shake up the current holders of the trophy and force to play carefully. And the opponent is not very mediocre, the top five is not shipped, so we need to look at the two defenders.

Sporting good, but not avoid defeat in Madrid. Double Lions came at the Bernabeu – both times losing to nil. They also lost 5 of the last 8 away matches in the Champions League, missing them already 24 goals. The difference in class colossal, Real Madrid at home with Zidane has won all the matches except one …
Real Madrid victory, we think, no questions.

In favor of the fact that Sporting will not be able to score, personnel news – lions have sold their top scorer Slimane in Leicester, it is a great loss for the attack. The only away match of the new season Sporting held mediocre, scoring only 1 goal against Pacos.

However, I repelled by Real Madrid. Madrid passed a little, well protected, playing at home, plus it would be time to win to nil (has 2 wins in a row when both team were score).
Predictions: Real Madrid will win, guests will not score.

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