Detroit Red Wings – Tampa Bay Lightning predictions and bets. NHL betting. October 13, 2016

Detroit Red Wings – Tampa Bay Lightning predictions and bets. NHL betting. October 13, 2016
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Where to bet on NHL? Will discuss Detroit Red Wings – Tampa Bay Lightning predictions and bets about.

In the past, in addition to fighting team in the regular season championship played each other in the playoffs. On the ice, “Tampa” never lost “Detroit”, whether to wait for the continuation of this trend on start of new championship?

USA. NHL. “Tampa Bay” – “Detroit”
October 14, 2016, 02-30 GMT

“Tampa Bay”

“Lightning” from Tampa spent the last championship quite well and finished the regular season in sixth place of the Eastern Conference, losing leaders of the “Washington” was certainly a huge 23 points, but other opponents have lost is not as critical, such as the second place were just seven credits . Preparation for the new season the team of John Cooper conducted very well, losing at home, “Carolina” (2:3) and “Nashville” (3:4) at a party, but at home “lightning” answered “predators” victory 5:3, “hurricane” beat on the road in overtime (2:1), also won the “Florida” (2:0).


“Red Wings” were in the playoffs last season, just over the box – in the last five games, “Detroit” scored 9 points and the rival of “Boston” and only 7 on additional indicators on the team went from “Motor City.” Preseason went to wards Jeff Blush is very shock – from eight games had only two losing at home, “Boston” (1:2) and on the road, “Chicago” (1:6). Winning was the match with “Pittsburgh” (4:2 and 5:2), “Toronto” (2:1 and 4:3), as well as travel to the “Bruins” (5:1) and the home match with “Chicago” (6:3).


Last year, the team played in the quarterfinals of the conference and the “Tampa” made virtually opponent with only one goal in the series with a score of 4:1, winning all three home match. The regular season was the same picture – on “Amalie Arena” “Lightning” won 6:2 and 3:1, “Detroit” also took both their home games. The same pattern was a year earlier – the two home games of the regular season were for the “Tampa”. Statistics are stubborn things, most likely will not lose, “Tampa” and now, but we will not also discount the attack “Detroit” in the preseason that functioned perfectly, total over 4.5 goals seems to command quite passable.
Predictions: “Tampa” will not lose + OVER (4,5) goals in the match

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